if you wanna argue that a piece of media needs a “reason” to be diverse, then you’re a racist trying to construct white supremacist alternate realities for you to enjoy. period. the “reason” for diversity is because it exists, mr grand fucking wizard

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The stories these eyes could tell.

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i like imagining dipper asking grunkle stan why he isn’t as hard on mabel as he is on dipper, “like i mean I GET IT, why you make me do all this hard stuff, you want to toughen me up and make me more capable or whatever, but how come you don’t try to toughen mabel up…


a bi/pan person marrying someone does not indicate a preference for that gender, it indicates a preference for that PERSON

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but seriously I better see some fucking DAD TEARS when bruce sees damian alive again or I quit

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This dude has a masters degree in Human Rights from the London School of Economics.

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yes but have you considered the following:

  • babs and kori going on coffee dates
  • babs and kori pulling petty pranks on each other
  • kori keeping babs up to date with the things jason does
  • babs trying to desperately braid all of kori’s hair during a sleepover
  • kori carrying babs…

I’m super pumped to see more news on Moana  :D


I’m super pumped to see more news on Moana  :D

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